Sports Services

1 on 1 Personal Training:

  • Introduction to Strength and Conditioning
  • Wellness Training
  • Post Rehab – Return to Sport
  • Sports Performance Training
  • Speed and Agility Training
  • Vertical Jump/ Plyometric Training

Sports Performance Training Programs Include:

  • Sport Specific Training – Programs based on the unique needs of your specific sport.
  • Total Body Strength – Total body strength training that integrates the upper body, lower body, and core into a program that focuses on enhancing functional movements like squatting, hinging, lunging, pushing, and pulling.
  • Explosive Power – Development of vertical, linear, lateral, and rotational explosiveness through the use of plyometrics, jump training, medicine balls, kettlebells, and olympic lifting.
  • Speed and Agility – Training to develop linear speed, lateral speed, change of direction, landing technique, acceleration, and deceleration through speed technique drills and running mechanics instruction.
  • Core Stability – Integration of core stability, strength, and power to maximize movement efficiency and power transfer.
  • Mobility and Flexibility – Development of proper total body mobility through self-myofascial release, foam rolling, stretching, and dynamic movement prep.
  • Endurance – Sport-specific conditioning to enhance quick sprints, long runs, and total game endurance.
  • Injury Prevention – Focus on correcting specific imbalances, enhancing mobility issues, arm care, jumping and landing training.