Sports Performance

About Sports Performance

Our sports performance programs start off with an individualized 1-on-1 biomechanical and movement assessment. This allows us to create the perfect customized program based on your goals, needs, sport, and current ability. We focus on complete athletic development combining mobility, agility, strength, power, and endurance into one complete program, with emphasis on the areas you need to perform well in your specific sport.

By focusing on complete athletic development, you are ensuring that you address all your weaknesses and maximize your strengths.  Our programs are scientifically proven to enhance performance and prevent injuries.

You can schedule your training sessions at time slots convenient to you. We have several options available throughout the day, but they do fill up fast.  You’ll perform your program in a team environment with other athletes, but we will customize your program based on your level and needs.  This makes our environment fun and dynamic, while still allowing us to offer you plenty of individualized attention. We’ll advance your program throughout the season to assure you continue to make progress and maximize performance.

Sports Services

1 on 1 Personal Training:

  • Introduction to Strength and Conditioning
  • Wellness Training
  • Post Rehab – Return to Sport
  • Sports Performance Training
  • Speed and Agility Training
  • Vertical Jump/ Plyometric Training

Sports Performance Training Programs Include:

  • Sport Specific Training – Programs based on the unique needs of your specific sport.
  • Total Body Strength – Total body strength training that integrates the upper body, lower body, and core into a program that focuses on enhancing functional movements like squatting, hinging, lunging, pushing, and pulling.
  • Explosive Power – Development of vertical, linear, lateral, and rotational explosiveness through the use of plyometrics, jump training, medicine balls, kettlebells, and Olympic lifting.
  • Speed and Agility – Training to develop linear speed, lateral speed, change of direction, landing technique, acceleration, and deceleration through speed technique drills and running mechanics instruction.
  • Core Stability – Integration of core stability, strength, and power to maximize movement efficiency and power transfer.
  • Mobility and Flexibility – Development of proper total body mobility through self-myofascial release, foam rolling, stretching, and dynamic movement prep.
  • Endurance – Sport-specific conditioning to enhance quick sprints, long runs, and total game endurance.
  • Injury Prevention – Focus on correcting specific imbalances, enhancing mobility issues, arm care, jumping and landing training.