Patient Testimonials

  • I have been going to Core Physical Therapy for only a couple weeks and I am feeling so much better.  I am now able to do things that I was not able to do when I started there.  All of the staff are wonderful.  They are very knowledgeable and explain everything to me – the reason for doing a particular exercise.  They are attentive to my needs and are all so professional and so nice.  I am very pleased with the care that I am receiving and I highly recommend them to anyone that needs physical therapy.

    Faye S.

  • My experience here was great. I got along with everybody good during my rehabilitation. They showed that they will never give up on me and I will never give up on myself. This has helped me physically and mentally, even when I thought times were getting hard. They were always here for me and they never gave up on me. I really do love and appreciate every last one of you. Ya’ll have impacted my life in so many ways; I just want to say thank you:)

    Kyler P. — 1/15/19

  • My experience and recovery process at Core Physical Therapy has been amazing. Even though I didn’t want to come, I enjoyed being around these great people that only want the best for me. Coming to Core also allowed me to increase my mental toughness. I would like to thank everyone at Core that was involved in my road to success and recovery journey. Much love!

    Luke B

  • This is a very professional place. The staff is very polite and friendly. I will have no problem referring anyone to this establishment!

    Vincent D. — 1/3/19

  • Thank you for all your knowledge, helping hands, care, and friendly environment. From my first day of therapy to my last, I was treated as a person and NOT a number. Chet, I appreciate you advising me that I am welcomed back as needed. Blessings to you all!!

    Brenda M. — 12/27/18

  • My experience with Core Physical Therapy has been a positive one. I have progressed greatly since my first day and can do exercises that I have not been able to do. Blake and Chet have been wonderful therapist and I truly appreciate the care that I have been given. The therapy techs were very helpful as well. I recommend Core Physical Therapy for all your therapy needs.

    Joni G. — 12/19/18

  • I’ve been coming to therapy for various reasons over the last three years. The staff is amazing. They are very kind and truly caring people, and they know what they are doing. Recently, I came in with severe headaches due to neck issues over the last few months. Previous injections, medication, and other treatments did NOT work. I had dry needling with Blake and much to my surprise, it WORKED! Thank you Blake and all the rest of you guys!!

    Pamela B

  • My experience here at Core Physical Therapy has been great. From the beginning to the end, and the staff treated me with kindness and respect. Chet, Mindy, and Frances will definitely get you moving again. I highly recommend Core Physical Therapy for your therapy needs. Will come back in the future if needed.

    Scott G. — 12/11/18

  • All of the Core team members are great! Coming to therapy here has been a wonderful experience. Great Atmosphere! Great Results! Finishing therapy is a great feeling, but I’m also sad knowing I won’t see all of you each week. Thank you all for all you do.

    Melanie B. — 11/30/18

  • Core Physical Therapy has made it possible for me to continue doing the sports I love. No matter what injury I came in for, I was provided with the best treatment from the awesome and friendly staff. I will surely miss being encouraged and pushed to get stronger.

    Ryleigh A. — 11/28/18

  • Thank you Blake and the whole staff. You helped me regain the use of my ankle so I could resume my daily and recreational activities. Everyone was very very nice and professional. I’m so happy to play pickleball again!

    Deborah B. — 11/26/18

  • I was very limited with what I could do without pain. I feel so much better and can do so much more without pain. I now have everything set up at home to continue with my exercises. Thank you to Blake and staff for all your kindness throughout this journey.

    Stephanie D. — 11/26/18

  • Dry Needling did WONDERS with my lower back pain to a point that I no longer needed to attend therapy.

    Nelson C. –11/18/18

  • My problem could not be figured out by my Orthopedic doctor, so I came to Core PT. Chet figured out my problem and my treatment fixed the problem I had.

    Joseph C. — 11/15/18

  • Core is the best place for therapy. Enjoyed working with Chet and all the people there. The office staff was a pleasure to work with and I would recommend them to all. Thank you for everything.

    Betty A. — 11/15/18

  • The staff is a pleasure to deal with. The facility has everything needed for complete rehabilitation. They are professional, efficient, and make you feel comfortable. I walk better than I have in five years. Thanks for everything!

    Mary A. — 11/15/18

  • The staff was very welcoming. Therapy sessions totally helpful.

    When I started the therapy, my pain was very difficult. Upon completion, I can say I am very well pleased and my shoulders are without pain. Great Job!

    Beverly R. — 11/8/18

  • I’d like to thank all of the therapists & the whole staff for all their support and kindness while under their care. I found the staff to go well beyond their duties to accommodate the workouts in conjunction with pain on a daily basis, not just for me but for the rest of their patients.

    Dennis T. — 11/5/18

  • Core Physical Therapy helped me to get back to full strength after having my arm in a cast for 7 weeks!

    Evan W. — 11/1/18

  • The therapy I received from Blake and Chet was fantastic. After having Rotator Cuff surgery, I didn’t think I would be able to do anything or work for a long time.

    The staff was very helpful in setting me up for my exercises and explaining how to do them/purpose of them. I am now back to work full time and full duty!

    I am totally satisfied with the care and treatment I received from Core PT, and I would highly recommend them to anyone who is in need of physical therapy. The staff is fantastic! Thank you all for your expertise and skills provided to me and many others!! Thanks, Blake for pushing me throughout the process!

    Donovan B

  • This is my third trip for therapy. Each time I thought progress could not happen. I’m here to say on each trip I received the best care and was 100% better off when I left than when I arrived. Thanks to all who helped me.

    Lelia J

  • I came in with extreme pain because of my hip a few weeks ago. I had several weeks of therapy and I am pain-free and can walk without a walker. Everyone is super nice.

    Terry B.

  • charity-s-testimonial Morgan City, LA

    I appreciate you for making me push through the pain to get to this point. I also appreciate the fact that on my not so good days, you put up with my cranky self. You made physical therapy not so painful. Thanks for everything! You are truly appreciated.

    Charity S.

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    I have had physical therapy at two other places, but Core Physical Therapy and Sports Performance is the best. The staff members were always courteous and very efficient. I was very impressed at how the therapists were aware of all the patients, not just the ones they were working with. More than once, I had someone correct the way I was doing an exercise.

    I would not hesitate to recommend Core Physical Therapy and Sports Performance to my friends.

    Margaret W.

  • mobilization

    My experience here has been exceptional. They have been with me since the start of my rehab. I am walking and doing my ADL’s because of the therapy and attention I have received from all the staff members.

    Pam A.